21st December 2015

This happened a few years ago when I was travelling to London. A boring 9-hour flight, the middle seat, a re-read Fifty Shades trilogy on my kindle, and a fresh break off!!!! What an amazing combination for an ideal journey. Everyone seemed to be getting lucky in love, the umpteen number of couples on the plane.

All of a sudden a girl tapped me on the shoulder. She looked like a Thai girl short, chinky eyes, black hair with a far eastern accent. We exchanged pleasantries and introductions. She was from Pattaya, and her name was Mia. She was on her way to London too.

In between conversations, Mia started rummaging through her pockets and handbag. She finally located her keys, “My boyfriend warned me, “she began.

“Great”, I thought someone else who is happily hitched. So, according to her they worked together in Dubai and they were both dating other people. One fine day both of them got dumped and chemistry happened. He was from Kerala and she had met his parents and stayed over at his family house. Her folks knew that she was dating someone.

“What kind of marriage will it be?” I asked.

Her eyes widened “Who’s getting married?” This I hadn’t expected. Would a good Kerala boy live – in with his Thai girlfriend.

She laughed at my confusion. “No, we’re not going to end up together”, she offered as an explanation.

It still made no sense to me. Apparently their cultures dashed far too much. She couldn’t expect him to convert to Buddhism and she was not ready to accept the Christian way of life.

“How can you be so casual?” I had to ask as she spent two hours telling me how much she would miss him.

She shrugged. They always knew it wouldn’t work out. “Why get into it in the first place then?” She shrugged again……………… “I like him a lot and he likes me too,” she said softly. “As long as it lasts, it lasts then we’re done”.

The talk moved on to other things. Salman Khan and even Mahatma Gandhi, but I wasn’t paying attention. What would I rather be? Single and self-piteous or date someone I knew I wasn’t going to end up with. Still no clue. But I hope Mia finds a way to end up with her boyfriend. Strange this LOVE thing.

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