25th December 2015

There’s cheater and then there’s cheaters you know? They say men have only one switch and are therefore the uncomplicated species. So for a woman to understand why they cheat should be a simple task. Men have needs, Yes, but I should like to know what ‘they’ imagine women have, if not those exact same needs.

Sure everybody slips up. Deception and Instant gratification have become as natural as anything in our ‘easy does it’ lives. But I’d like to believe that some things, like a relationship between two people, can still stay sacrosanct.

According to me, trust, honesty and respect are the three things that prop up a good relationship and if even one cracks the relationship will topple. Trust once lost is hard to regain, let alone regain in the same way. Explanations, justifications and apologies can placate you temporarily, but that tiny niggle that has now set up shop in the back of your head will never ever really go away.

People rarely change and even if it was a onetime thing, being betrayed by someone closest to you runs deep and has the potential to drip into your other relationships too. You may forgive him, even forget, but the second-guessing will ruin the relationship eventually. You’d best part ways at the earliest and minimise heartbreak.


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